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2. Lights

What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than to honor a new mother? With great pride ATP! applauds Lights and her new baby daughter, Rocket Wild Bokan.
We know feminism is about equality of genders, so call me sexist, but I’d like to point out a few things women can do that men can’t. Like grow a child in your body while you record your next full-length.
Lights has never been one to do things gently. How her tiny frame can contain such massive vocals over her self-composed, self-produced, self-written electronica is beyond me. So when she got pregnant, she did what any talented new mother would: she used that baby-creation to her advantage.

Lights Instagrammed her pregnancy and showed us a recent bit of belly-bumping percussion, likely to show up on her next album. And pregnancy is known to affect the vocal chords, so we’re amped to see how she utilized that sound effect. They won’t admit it but I bet some boys are jealous.

Behind every badass musician – male, female, trans or what-have-you – there’s often a kickass mother who taught their child what it means to be punk and walk through the world with confidence. It’s the world into which Rocket, with her crib parked in the studio next to all of her mother’s gear, getting a head start on recording techniques.

Yes, even when raising a child, a woman can do everything a man can do. But when it comes to Lights, raising a child means doing a helluva lot more than a man can do.

- Carolyn Vallejo (x)

"What I love about Tessa and Scott is that I can’t - and I’m a skater - I can’t see them skate. I see them moving together silently over the ice, but I don’t see the traditional process of crossing over and pushing and the edge and the toepick cutting into the ice. It is, at moments, absolutely magical."

- Kurt Browning on Virtue and Moir (via 69kittykate69)


Scott winking at Tessa right before the flower ceremony

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada during the short dance.

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Gold in our hearts.

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Silver on the podium, Gold in our hearts

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The ice dance medalists at the 2014 Olympics.
Gold - Meryl Davis & Charlie White
Silver - Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir
Bronze - Elena Ilinykh & Nikita Katsalapov